teachers - Latex Blue Balls

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Four beautiful women enjoy the sensual texture of their luxurious nylons. Beautiful legs and feet covered in this gorgeous material, no wonder these ladies get so wet and horny.

Through a series of flasbacks, a beautiful wife recalls her introduction to anal sex. Adventures include scenes with her young and wild girlfriends and a series of group encounters that are sure to please the most lusty viewer!

From Bree's attire, to her sexual positionsMost of the time I love my cuckold, I really do! What’s not to love, he worships the slutty ground I walk on, does anything and everything I want him to do…and he’s totally trained not to nag me for what you guys get all the time:) He knows that I exist for real men like you, he knows his place. At least, that’s what I thought. Turns out that his chastity needed a little more work.

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